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ABOUT Greenhouse

Greenhouse is a visual arts company. Our goal is to create evocative content through photography, videography and audio expressions. Our mission is to bring together local artists and our current circle includes stylists, florists, designers and many other creatives. This range ensures that we can deliver quality content to a diverse clientele.


Greenhouse Studios was founded by Camilo Rivera who was born in Toronto, On and raised in Medellin, Colombia. His background has allowed him to to see and experience many vibrant cultures and appreciate the ability to express them with art. Camilo immediately fell in love with photography after being passed down a Minolta SLR ts200.   After graduating highschool, he began his studies in one of Colombias best audiovisual Universities - Universidad de Medellin and graduated in 2010. 


After migrating back to Canada, Camilo continued his education in photography and video post production at Sheridan College.  


We at Greenhouse believe that if you pay attention you will learn something new every day. We pride ourselves in keeping up to speed in the latest photography and videography trends. We look forward to working with you and making your creative dreams come true.

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